To reach an effective level of micro-diplomatic relationship, in creating its draft projects Triskeles follows two basic guidelines:



Our projects aim at building long-term and continuous operative dialogue, a broad cultural exchange between the Sicilian part and a foreign interlocutor; when possible, we tend also to create territorial liaison offices or related structures.

We believe that to achieve a high level of reciprocal social, cultural and economic enrichment, one should not limit oneself with isolated events, but should go after a common path in which the Parts share their best practices as well as their critical issues.



We believe that each Part should be open, cooperative and concrete in its ability to support and contribute to the bilateral project. Unilateral promotion or uncritical isolated offer are out of scope of Triskeles.

For this reason, we evaluate strategic factors as connecting ways, pre-existing shared points of interest, historical relationships, and other points of commonality.

We know from experience that an effective multilateral exchange can create great common goals and achievements – and they all start from small efforts of each Part to get to know each other better.