Triskeles is our city diplomacy project based in Sicily.

It represents the cultural branch of our Law Firm located in Catania.

Triskeles aims at international promotion and support of specific Sicilian excellences. We are particularly focused on high qualitative and deep knowledge of the local realms.

In full accordance with national regulatories and international practices, Triskeles promotes Culture-to-Culture networks between Sicilian highly representative non-profit entities (local governments, universities, museums, theaters, most relevant NGO and funds operating in culture, art and science, and others) and foreign institutional interlocutors.

Our main target fields are: Architecture; Archeology; Art; Nature and Environment; Lifestyle; Literature; Science and Technologies.

Within the activity of Triskeles, for each specific mission we chose, by request from Sicilian or foreign part or as our own initiative, one or more relevant objects, entities or projects in Sicily with high potential of interest with particular regard to unknown or poorly known hidden gems. We then detect foreign interlocutors, which suit best for successful bilateral projects and create, promote and develop stable and fruitful relationships between the two Parts.

Due to the project's particular nature of cultural aims, Triskeles doesn't consider generic tourism projects or private or profit partnerships as priority targets.

According to the definition of President Dwight Eisenhower, city diplomacy is “is the most worthwhile purpose in the world today”.

Much prior to him, the Holy Roman Emperor Friedrick II “Stupor Mundi” said: “I don't envy the God’s paradise, because I am well satisfied to live in Sicily”.

We think it's finally time that the “Rosa aulentissima” of the Mediterranean reappears to disclose its treasures to the World.


Emperor Friedrick II Hohenstaufen of Swabia, King of Sicily

Emperor Friedrick II Hohenstaufen of Swabia, King of Sicily