Triskeles is a project of intellectual growth through the path of beauty.
What we propose is an alternative vision of Sicily, independent and non-clichéd.
A vision to guide you into its history, its places, its art and the people who have come on this land in the past and are keeping it alive in present. 

Triskeles is a journey into the Sicilian way of life, ancient and modern at a time, to discover the hidden paths leading to the barely known and not known at all. 
A road to the experiences of the past ages that brought the island in the center of Mediterranean to become the center of Europe. 
A way to the excellence of today, enchased by the land, the art and the genius of its people.

Triskeles is a dialogue that does not impose opinions or accept prejudices, open to those who strive to go beyond. Its our open invitation to discover the real Sicily to all those who wish to cognize its venerable identity, to behold and to live it. 
A bid to those who don’t wish to content oneself with muddy tales and false mirrors of commonplaces. 

 Triskeles was born agate, midflight between Catania and St. Petersburg as a pledge of love and respect. 
The one towards Sicily and the mind of those who wish to betide it. 

Be welcome to follow Ulysses, and may the winds of the Mediterranean caress your sails.